What a divorce coach can do for you

No question that before and during the divorce you need support from a lawyer, possibly a psychological counselor, maybe a financial advisor, the services of a mediator. And this is what most people do. Unfortunately, more often than not, the result is having spent tons of money, in the realm of $50,000, and not being happy of the result.

As divorce coach, I will help you to:

  • evaluate your marriage situation before you take any action that could backlash;
  • arrive to the divorce process with the right mindset;
  • guide you through the legal strategy (not a legal advice) to avoid that lawyers get stuck in costly and unneeded negotiation with each other, and drag the litigation forever;
  • restructure your life so, if you like, you can start dating and seek for your love again.

Learn more about the 4 milestones of the divorce road.

No matter how many books we read, how many advice we receive, how successful we are in most aspects of our lives, sometimes we struggle with taking that action we need.

Especially when we are experienced in certain areas, we are the expert of that area. Like after 10 years of career, or 10 years of marriage and parenting, or 1 year of trying to get in shape. We know more than most people.

Why don’t we take the right action, then?

In this case, a thought block, or a wrong belief may prevent to judge the action appropriate at a give time.

Unlike teachers and mentors, coaches work on the motivation and on the belief one person have or does not have, that would make the step they need to make, natural.