Your ideal woman is out of your league

“The one who is ready to leave holds the greatest power.” You might be thinking that it would be your wife. But why do you believe that? Is it because you consider the ideal woman to be ‘out of your league’?

Let’s debunk this myth right away. There is no such concept as a relationship league. Women of all statuses can be in a relationship with men of all conditions. How often have you thought to yourself, ‘How did that overweight guy end up with such a beautiful blonde?’ or ‘Why is that successful celebrity dating that seemingly average person?’

However, these examples miss the point entirely. People can be with someone similar to them or someone different, and it says nothing about their level of happiness.

Now, let’s address your situation. You love your wife immensely, but you recognize that she is treating you poorly. You may believe that she has the right to do so because she has made you feel inadequate. As a result, you strive to be better, but it never seems to be enough.

The truth is, you should never endure belittlement or live under the Damocles’ sword of the fear she might leave.

Despite your deep love for your wife, it’s crucial to acknowledge if she is treating you poorly. Pursuing self-improvement should stem from your own desire, alongside someone who uplifts and supports you on your journey.

Remember, you deserve a partner who appreciates and accepts you for who you truly are.